How to Create a Marketing Plan

Without a solid marketing plan, too much is left to chance. When you rely on “hope based marketing”

Perfecting Your Business Model

Your business model is your lifeline to a successful and profitable business. Consider the following to create, or

Fundamental Problems in Business and How to Overcome Them

There are so many common errors of the startup business. Poorly written shareholder agreements, over-estimating market demand, under-estimating

Refining Your Business Plan For Raising Capital

In order to tailor your business plan for raising capital you must understand what your specific audience wants

Your Easy Guide to Creating a Business Plan To Attract Investment

The following questions will help you answer what you need for your business plan. I. What business are

Five Questions Money Seeking Businesses Must Answer

If you are among the entrepreneurs wishing to grow or start a business with the help of other

How to Reach the Venture Capital Funded One Percent

A very small percentage of founders meet venture capital (VC) criteria for relevant management experience. Hence, why VC’s

Nine Steps to a Successful Business Plan Presentation Outline

Follow the outline below as closely as possible — not necessarily the sequence, but cover all the topics. Answer

100 Ways To Write and Sell a ScreenPlay

Writing a screenplay is not easy. You will need discipline and you will need to learn the structure,

An Easy Guide to Developing Your Business Plan

A business plan tells potential investors who you are, your professional goals, what you plan to do to

The 5IV0 Difference

5IV0 is an alternative marketing planning and fulfillment solutions and applications agency working in the following five levels

Unique & Exclusive Hedge Fund Offers Accredited Investors Opportunity to ‘Own Your Destiny’

A group of seasoned, savvy investment fund managers are turning the world of fantasy sports on its head.

All About Algorithms

What is an algorithm and why should you care?:

Dreams, Memories & Design: Modern Christmas Trees

Matthew Bliss, creator of Modern Christmas Trees, found inspiration in spending time with his architect and engineer grandfather

Chicago Bear’s D.J. Williams Launches Charity and Fall Clothing Line

DYME LYFE and The Home Team launched the fall clothing line at a special event on Monday, November