The 5IV0 Difference

5IV0 is an alternative marketing planning and fulfillment solutions and applications agency working in the following five levels and areas:

One (Skills and Performance Areas)

  1. Alternative Mainstream Media (Pandora, Spotify, iHeartRadio)
  2. Guerilla Marketing (Street Teams, Word of Mouth, Street Videos)
  3. Consumer Insight (Social Media Audits, Creation, Pitches, Videos)
  4. Experiential Marketing (Events, Celebrity Attendance, Blogs, Photography)
  5. Consulting (Customer, Process Development, Engineering, Supply Chain Management, Integration).

Level Two (Types of Clients)

  1. Personalities.
  2. Brands.
  3. Non-Profit.
  4. Community.
  5. Public Officials.

Level Three (Five Daily Activities)

  1. Negotiation.
  2. Developing Brand and Story.
  3. Pitching, Promoting, and Marketing.
  4. Management.
  5. Consulting.

Level Four (Five Guidelines)

  1. Distraction Free Performance.
  2. Take Action Mentality.
  3. Be ahead of trends.
  4. Set Goals, Follow Deadlines and Agendas.
  5. Follow Analytics. Manage by the Numbers.

Level Five (All Senses Experiences)

  1. 5D Experiences (we are creating the first ever in home 5D Experience / Event Package)
  2. We provide tools to Maximize Sound, Sight, Taste, Touch and Smell.
  3. Detailed Planning allows for Intelligent Risks.
  4. Great ideas with exceptionally executed performance.

Why we are different

5IV0 breaks through the clouds of the digital realm through a comprehensive strategic approach by experienced professionals in all aspects of the industry.  From top-notch digital services, creative marketing approaches, and powerful amplification. We simply stand out.

  • Event Production Experience – 100 years collectively.
  • Expert skills at management level.
  • Proven Track Record.
  • Sponsorships and Endorsements add value to all clients.
  • Booked over 500 National and International Concerts & Events.

The Promise

No Games. No short-cuts. Only Clear Expectations.


Our mission is to connect businesses with the right audience, while operating with the highest ethical standards. Delivering incomparable value for our customers and their communities is our greatest strength and included our daily goals.


Vision, Integrity, Passion, Courage, Perseverance, Inclusion, Advocacy and Compassion are 5IV0’s core values. We pride ourselves in the protection of the environment, natural resources, and human health.

We are experiential marketing specialists, with an emphasis in creative solutions; an idea factory. We are more than a vendor of services, we are a team; a team of concept developers, a team of specialized performance and production executives in public relations, branding, marketing, CRM, and transmedia.


Every brand has a story. From large corporations to startups, 5IV0 leverages each unique story, encouraging active participation from targeted audiences. The result is a deeper brand experience.

Our transmedia campaigns run from television to webisodes, street teams to contests, user generated content to professional content creation and music videos to custom songs.


We have a passion for music and the people that make it. We work with singers, songwriters, music producers, and rappers as an agent handling PR, marketing, distribution and publishing. For more, visit our sister company www.SoundHype.com


We’ve helped models, Television personalities, filmmakers, and screenwriters with the complicated professional process of working through levels of stardom and onto the red carpet.

We’ve established ourselves in the industry, and had some remarkable success 5IV0 has helped in the creation, production, global distribution and consulting process for major films, large celebrity events, magazine covers, Television shows, soundtracks, and award shows.


We’ve connected professional athletes with their fans and have helped guide them in the right direction to reach their audience and maximize their exposure. We’ve established Public Relations protocols that expose athletes to massive potential earnings, and counseled them on how best to leverage good public relations into positive responses from their fans.


From media planning, to booking, management, marketing, promotional campaigns, career longevity and creating a long-lasting legacy, 5IV0 is dedicated to our stable of clients and making them into superstar brands within their communities.

Who We Work With

  • Non-Profit and Charities
  • Politicians
  • Musicians (Producers, Recording Artists, Songwriters)
  • Professional Athletes
  • Idols, Role Models, and Causes
  • Fans and Consumers
  • Filmmakers and Screenwriters
  • Agents
  • Managers
  • Corporations and Brands
  • Entertainment Event Promoters
  • Book Authors
  • Graphic Designers and Artists
  • Web Designers

Dreams, Memories & Design: Modern Christmas Trees

Matthew Bliss, creator of Modern Christmas Trees, found inspiration in spending time with his architect and engineer grandfather Lawrence “Bud” Stoecker. Reminiscent of his childhood days growing up in the Colorado Rockies with his grandfather, Bliss recalls how Grandpa Bud shared stories of growing up in scarcity and lack that eventually led him to build his holiday presents instead of buying them, as he was in dire financial constraints, growing up impoverished. Grandpa Bud’s creativity allowed him to provide things for his family, such as a workbench for his 4 year old grandson, creating an ice-skating rink in the backyard, and eventually creating the first Modern Christmas Tree. Grandpa Bud had a love for building “A-Frame” modern type homes, spending most of his professional life building these A-Frame modern homes for resident of the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

In 2010, Bliss continued this tradition as an ode to his childhood years by re-creating the Modern Christmas tree and making it available for the public. From the tree’s inception in the mid 60’s all throughout the 80’s era, the design was continuously refined and decorations changed yearly for aesthetic fine tuning. Colors vary in red, blue and white to reflect the feel of nostalgia, tradition, yet evoke modernism in the A-Frame style set by Grandpa Bud’s standards.

Grandpa Bud eventually suffered from debilitating Alzheimer’s disease, making a huge impact on Bliss. His fond memories of his deep bond and overwhelming love for his grandfather continues today as he is an active donor for the Alzheimer’s Foundation. In 2012, the first Modern Christmas trees was patented and sold in memory of Grandpa Bud’s passing. Selfless like his grandfather, Bliss contributes a portion  every sale to the Alzheimer’s Association and continues to look for opportunities to impact this particular community.

Bliss keeps these loving memories alive seen in the detailed craftsmanship and design of the Modern Christmas trees, just as his grandfather would have done. It’s our great pleasure that we now offer the tree to you, your family, and friends. Modern Christmas trees are made of durable and lightweight acrylic. Each tree includes an LED light, rotating mirror ball, ornament options and installation kit. Prices range from $299 to $799 in our store front.

It’s with great pleasure that we now offer the Modern Christmas Tree to you, your family and friends.


Young Professionals Mix Charity with College Football at ViewHouse

On Saturday, September 28th, the Food Bank of the Rockies and Volunteers of America will kick-off the beginning of the college football season. Hosted by the ViewHouse in downtown Denver, this is a great place to relax, watch football, play corn hole, eat, drink, and hang out!

Tickets at $35 per person, which will include 2 drinks, appetizers, and a raffle ticket for great prizes. By wearing college apparel, an extra raffle ticket will be given out as well.

View Facebook Event

Last Call…JLSF's Final Bash

Saturday, August 3rd from 3:00 to 10:00 PM

Four years ago, the Justice League of Street Food rolled into the Denver scene and made quite an impression. Now, four years later, they’re rolling out…in style.

Join your friends Pinche Tacos, the Steuben’s Truck, Quiero Arepas, Biker Jim’s Gourmet Dogs, The Denver Cupcake Truck, The Pie Truck, Mythos Gourmet Greek Food Truck, The Biscuit Bus, Capt’n Crabby, peteybird ice cream sandwiches, and AikoPops for delicious street food all night long. There will also be wood-fired pizzas cooked from a stone oven on site.

The bar will be slinging Avery brews and delicious cocktails, with proceeds set to benefit Excelsior Youth Center. (Bar accepts cash only, but there will be an ATM on site.)

As always, there will be a live DJ, and plenty of room for kids, dogs, and bikes. We will also have a playground open for the little ones. There’s also a pool on site, with a limited amount of space, so bring your swimsuits if you’re feeling adventurous.

Procrastination won’t work this time. This is the last call. See you there.

3507 Ringsby Court (TAXI)











Summer is upon us—which means seasonal fashion trends are rising as fast as the temperature. One of the most buzz worthy companies paving the way this summer is HEET, a South Florida accessories brand spotted on the likes of Good Morning America to The Today Show and Access Hollywood and adorning the wrists of celebrities and musicians walking the red carpets of Hollywood. shopHEET.com




Florida accessories brand HEET has caught the eye of major celebrities, stylists, musicians and trendsetters from coast-to-coast. The handmade pieces have been spotted on Kristin Chenoweth, Derek Hough, Cee Lo Green, the Sachika Twins, Destin & Rachel from the Millionaire Matchmaker (Bravo), Jacoby Shaddix of Papa Roach, Adrian Patrick of Otherwise, Matt Mccloskey of Rev Theory, Shawn Dailey of Hole, Drew Molleur of Cold, Rex Brown of Pantera and Alexis Prisco (The Glam Fairy). HEET as been seen on The Today Show, Access Hollywood, Good Morning America, Jerseylicious, the Style Network and the Revolver Magazine Golden Gods Awards—to name a few.



HEET has a unique crossover appeal, capturing high-end luxury consumers and edgy fashionistas alike—both men and women. Already a high-demand brand, the humble operation is only four years old and currently sold side-by-side amongst major jewelry and accessories brands at retail locations across the country (visit shopHEET.com for a full list of locations).




HEET is contemporary-luxe, statement making jewelry and accessories. All pieces in the collection are handmade with special care using only the finest materials including genuine Swarovski crystal elements, certified Lead-Free and Nickel-Free base metals, Aluminum Zinc, premium natural leathers, suede and other textiles. Nothing is mass-produced and the individual variations in color and markings add to the unique quality of the product. HEET’s specially selected vintage components including a mixture of plastics, glass and wood along with other materials create a collector aspect to the brand’s limited editions.


HEET is assembled in the USA and sold in the finest boutiques and shops worldwide including Bloomingdales and Caesar’s Palace Las Vegas.




HEET is a branded partner of Swarovski, featured in company-hosted VIP lounges as well as the Swarovski Creative Services Center showcase in New York City. HEET is also a proud member of the Accessories Council and participates in the USAMade INITIATIVE.


USAMadeTM, is a special initiative which promotes the production of accessories, specifically fashion jewelry, within the United States. With the goal of reviving the fashion jewelry manufacturing industry within US borders, the USAMadeTM initiative aims to create new jobs, bolster American produced brands, and make the US the capital of fashion jewelry once again. The USAMadeTM initiative is sponsored by SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS.




If your publication is interested in featuring HEET in editorial spreads, photo shoots or features or interested in writing about the company or its owners please contact Paige@FiveHype.com.

For celebrity endorsements, red carpet loans or placements on film/television please email Paige@FiveHype.com.


BUYERS: *We want you to “Feel the HEET” – For samples or inquiries about becoming a HEET retail location please email Paige@FiveHype.com




ABOUT HEET: HEET is contemporary-luxe, statement making jewelry and accessories. All pieces in our collection are handmade with special care using only the finest materials including genuine Swarovski crystal elements, the standard of excellence in the industry. We work with only premium natural leathers, suede and other textiles. Nothing is mass-produced and therefore individual variations in color and markings should be appreciated as part of the unique quality of the product. shopHEET.com


ABOUT FIVE HYPE: Five Hype acts as an Agent, Publicist, Storyteller, Promoter, and Manager, connecting Brands, Personalities (musicians, athletes, filmmakers), Non Profits, Community Members, and Public Officials through Sight, Sound, Taste, Smell, and Touch.