How to Reach the Venture Capital Funded One Percent

A very small percentage of founders meet venture capital (VC) criteria for relevant management experience. Hence, why VC’s claim they invest in 1/100 deals. Reaching the funded¬†“one percent” in VC requires quite a bit of work. A deft combination of leadership, creativity, innovation, contribution, and inspiration is necessary.

Venture capitalists dirty little secret is that a business plan presentation contains many subliminal clues that reveal the sophistication and experience of the management team.

The most common error is “we only need 1% of the market to be successful”. This clue and others can be fatal mistakes.

Most startup businesses need experienced assistance, most founders do not have required skills. VCs occassionally take a chance on first time founders. Often though they replace them with experienced CEOs. Sometimes, VCs will bring an experienced CEO into startup companies as a condition for funding.

Incubators, job coaches, finders, mentors, and angels rarely work.

10% of startups have a winning idea. 1% of startups have winning idea and winning management.

Many companies fail because they make avoidable mistakes.

Companies and consultants like 5IV0 and Venture Management Company help companies avoid the fatal mistakes.

We want companies with compassion and passion for humans working together.

Get into the one percent!

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