Dreams, Memories & Design: Modern Christmas Trees

Matthew Bliss, creator of Modern Christmas Trees, found inspiration in spending time with his architect and engineer grandfather Lawrence “Bud” Stoecker. Reminiscent of his childhood days growing up in the Colorado Rockies with his grandfather, Bliss recalls how Grandpa Bud shared stories of growing up in scarcity and lack that eventually led him to build his holiday presents instead of buying them, as he was in dire financial constraints, growing up impoverished. Grandpa Bud’s creativity allowed him to provide things for his family, such as a workbench for his 4 year old grandson, creating an ice-skating rink in the backyard, and eventually creating the first Modern Christmas Tree. Grandpa Bud had a love for building “A-Frame” modern type homes, spending most of his professional life building these A-Frame modern homes for resident of the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

In 2010, Bliss continued this tradition as an ode to his childhood years by re-creating the Modern Christmas tree and making it available for the public. From the tree’s inception in the mid 60’s all throughout the 80’s era, the design was continuously refined and decorations changed yearly for aesthetic fine tuning. Colors vary in red, blue and white to reflect the feel of nostalgia, tradition, yet evoke modernism in the A-Frame style set by Grandpa Bud’s standards.

Grandpa Bud eventually suffered from debilitating Alzheimer’s disease, making a huge impact on Bliss. His fond memories of his deep bond and overwhelming love for his grandfather continues today as he is an active donor for the Alzheimer’s Foundation. In 2012, the first Modern Christmas trees was patented and sold in memory of Grandpa Bud’s passing. Selfless like his grandfather, Bliss contributes a portion  every sale to the Alzheimer’s Association and continues to look for opportunities to impact this particular community.

Bliss keeps these loving memories alive seen in the detailed craftsmanship and design of the Modern Christmas trees, just as his grandfather would have done. It’s our great pleasure that we now offer the tree to you, your family, and friends. Modern Christmas trees are made of durable and lightweight acrylic. Each tree includes an LED light, rotating mirror ball, ornament options and installation kit. Prices range from $299 to $799 in our store front.

It’s with great pleasure that we now offer the Modern Christmas Tree to you, your family and friends.


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